September 25, 2014

General Biology 101 Course Information

الاستاذ الدكتور  سامح التميمي
Dept. Of Biology
The University of Jordan

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***اهلا بك في موقع مادة علوم الحياةالعامة 101 ***


    Prof. Dr. Samih Tamimi
Dept. of Biological Sciences          
  The University of Jordan

Classroom Etiquette.
Lecture begins promptly at the designated class time.
Please do not come late or otherwise you may not be permitted to attend classes

Please refrain from the following:
No lap tops - distracting to the others.
No cell phones - turn them off .
No arguing with instructor 
No talking during lecture

Campbell biology online access (requires password)

General Biology 101 Course Lecture Material

Lecture material 
Chapter           Lecture material
Chapter 3  The Chemistry of Water (new)
Chapter 3 flip notes
Chapter 5Biological Macromolecules and lipids
 Carbohydrates  Lipids Proteins    Nucleic acids
Chapter 5 flip notes
Carbohydrates and lipids quick revision
Protein and nucleic acids quick revision
Chapter 7Cell Structure and Function 
Chapter 7 flip notes
Chapter 8Chapter 8 
Membrane structure and function notes (new)
Chapter 8 notes (2)
Chapter 6Introduction to metabolism
Metabolism notes
Chapter 9Cellular respiration and fermentation
Chapter 9 notes
Glycolysis (1)
Glycolysis (2)
Citric acid cycle
Chapter10   Photosynthesis
Chapter notes
overall picture
Detailed account
Animations 1
Animations 2
Chapter 16 The molecular basis of inheritance
Overall picture 
Detailed account
Chapter 16 notes
DNA short notes
DNA structure Animation
DNA replication Animation
Chapter 17From gene to protein 
Overall picture
Chapter vocabulary
Transcription animation
Translation animation
 Regulation of gene expression
Lac operon Animation
Trp operon animation

Overall picture
Lytic cycle Animation
HIV life cycle